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Just going to post a quick note here for anyone who experiences these braking symptoms.
So under moderate to heavy stops my right front wheel would lock up even tho i could feel ABS modulating the brake pedal.
I thought that was really odd considering when that wheel locks up my envelope for stopping safe would get smaller and it put me in some precarious situations.
I also had no warning lights lit up informing me of any problems with the brake system.
Another funny thing was I never felt any brakes dragging and being I'm driving a manual car that's usually a giveaway.
But that's exactly what was happening, that right front caliper piston was slowly but surely seizing up and only under heavy braking would it move and lock the right front wheel. Even tho ABS was modulating, that slow piston couldn't respond fast enough in kind and you're left sliding to a stop.
Embarrassing? Yes. Dangerous? Oh yes!
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