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Re: Review of S60R & V70R in "Automobile" (Bavaria R)

Is it me, or is the radio panel a different color?

Harper's inspiration for the exhaust design came from the Guy Ritchie flick Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels, wherein the villain wraps his sawed-off shotgun in a newspaper to silence it. Pointing to a plastic drape over the twin exhaust tips, Harper says, "This is my newspaper."

in '05 the R lost the "newspaper".

Traction control comes in early and often, and it can't be switched off.

Someone didn't tell them about the secret 5 button push...

While it is an old article, it was cool learning where some of the design elements came from. Need to find a pic of Philippe Starck's motorcyccle design for "Aprilia". Also nice to see that Automobile correctly did not compare it to M3 or S4, but talks about how it slots in-between A4 3.0 quatrro and S4.
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