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Ok, I decided to post this because when searching I found that a there were people trying to do this but they didn't have any luck.

I would like to get an S40 T5 (getting mine within 2 weeks!!!!) with the convenience package in it but apparently that seems hard to do here in Louisiana, same thing with the climate package.

Anyways, I was doing some online research and I found out that apparently a company called Gentex (www.gentex.com) provides the auto dimming mirror for volvos and lots of other cars (they even have the one with onstar!).

If you want to visit their webpage go to


Then click on how to get one, or you can read all about them. To make this short and save you some clicks and reading, they basically tell you to order them from Mitocorp (www.mitocorp.com) which is a company based in Indiana. Go to their website and you can find the mirrors. You can purchase the simpler ones (you can get one for $100 I think) directly from them, but if you want the one with compass, temp gauge, and homelink (so you don't have to buy the visor) you have to call them and they will refer you to an retailer in your area because they say it requires professional installation.

They did warm me for some reason that the support element on the S40s with the regular mirror is different and won't fit, and apparently they are very hard to take off the windshield (the lady said that some people broke their windshield), but that doesn't matter bc the kit comes with a support element and that you can only notice it from outside.

I haven't put it to work yet since I'll be getting my car soon, but for those of you that might want to try it go ahead. I hope this info is useful and sorry for the long post!
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