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Recently, the dealership forgot to reset my service light after they performed the 15K mile service. I was greeted by annoying messages, every time I started and turned off the car, to book time for maintenance. I also do not have time to go to the dealer during their opening hours so I was pretty frustrated. Eventually, I made it over there, only to find that it would take about 30 seconds :facepalm: I am so glad they couldn't have told me how to do this over the phone. As it turns out no special equipment or tools are needed.

So, to save the rest of you time and aggravation, here is how you reset the light/messages:

Ignition should be in ACC position (push the ignition button once).
At the same time, hold the ignition switch and the trip reset button for approximately 30 seconds. You may need to be in "T2" for this to work.

Hope this helps!
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