Massively expensive luxury SUV flagships are the new hot sellers, and now a rumour from Auto Express says that Volvo will join the fight against the likes of the BMW X7 and Mercedes-Benz GLS with an all-new XC100.

Volvo is currently working on a new version of its large car platform, dubbed SPA2. The first SPA sits under the 60 and 90 series cars, but the report says it can't get much bigger than the current XC90. The new one, the report say, will be bigger. Up to 5.5m long, so around 30 cm more than the existing XC (and slightly longer than the X7).

The same platform will also underpin the third Polestar model, also a full-size crossover (but this one electric), and it makes sense for Volvo to try and use the platform for as many vehicles as possible.

Auto Express says the bigger crossover is already named internally as V616, with the first six marking the largest in the range, the one marking the 1st generation, and the last six meaning an SUV body style.

Expect more legroom, especially for third-row passengers, which is extremely limited in the XC90, and also expect a mix of hybrid, PHEV, and full EV drivelines. Volvo has already tested the ultra-premium waters with the XC 90 Excellence four-seater, and this could be the result of the success of that project. The new model is expected to debut in 2022.