One of Polestar's first two models as a standalone brand will be a high-performance coupe to match the world's best sports cars.

After learning last week that Polestar would be spun off into its own brand making bespoke performance cars, the question of what those cars would look like inevitably came up. According to the UK's Autocar , the first will be the above-mentioned coupe, set to be revealed in September at the Frankfurt auto show.

Expected to be made with plenty of carbon fiber and an electrified powertrain-that was after all Polestar's remit-the new Polestar will take on some of the world's best sports cars.

Although the new coupe will be a standalone model with a heavily bespoke body and no direct equivalent in the Volvo lineup, it will be based on a Volvo platform. Autocar reports that the S60's platform will likely underpin the new Polestar Coupe.

"Polestar will enjoy specific technological and engineering synergies with Volvo Cars and benefit from significant economies of scale as a result of its connection to Volvo," according to a recent statement from Volvo. "These synergies will allow it to design, develop and build world-beating electrified high-performance cars."

Getting 600 hp out of a Volvo engine will take some engineering as the T8 plug-in hybrid engine currently in the XC90 only generates 324 hp with an extra 81 hp from the electric motor. Polestar can trade some range for performance, though. Something it has said it's willing to do.

Perhaps best of all, though, Polestar is being run by Thomas Ingenlath, Volvo's former design chief, so the coupe, if nothing else, should look good. And that's kind of the point of a coupe.

[source: Autocar ]