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Okay fellas, I've had a slow weep from the Angle Gear (AG) since I bought the car with 28,000 miles on it about 4 years ago, up to 110,000 miles now a days. I have always just kept an eye on the leak and had it drained and refilled around 85,000 miles but it seems to be getting worse lately. Not only is it still weeping but I have been feeling some resistance when reversing the car with the wheels cut, plus I can notice a feint whine under the car at certain times. Sounds kinda like a ring and pinion wearing out.

So I've decided to go ahead and replace the AG, collar gear and trans seals on my own dime. I have sourced a very clean, low mileage AG (no weeping but will probably reseal as a precautionary measure) and will be ordering the new parts once I have the list complete. I am hoping to get some input from members who have done this repair before, what should I be expecting here? What should I be on the lookout for? Any helpful tidbits of knowledge would be much appreciated.

Here is what I am looking at under there right now, ugly to say the least. Arrgh!!

So far I have:
Newer Angle Gear Unit

Looking to pickup:
Sleeve (collar gear) - 9495034
Seal for collar gear - 8636194
RF axle seal (in transmission, not angle gear) - 8636195
Angle Gear Seals
AG Vent

What are the P/N's for all of the angle gear seals and new style breather vent?

And the resealing procedure instructions would be appreciated as well. I understand there needs to be a small chamfer added to the lip of one side of the case but not too clear on the specifics.

These are the only instructions I have so far:

Removing the drive shaft
Press out the wheel spindle. Detach the drive shaft from the hub. Do not damage the drive shaft boot. Use a tensioner band to pull the spring strut backwards.
Remove the screws from the bearing cap for the drive shaft. Pull the drive shaft straight out.
Note! Do not pull the outer part of the shaft. Doing so could damage the axial stops in the joints.

Removing the propeller shaft
Remove the front member from the body, exhaust pipe and three-way catalytic converter (TWC). Remove the brake pipe from the mountings in the member.
Remove the screws from the propeller shaft center bearing.
Slacken off screws from the support for the center bearing.
Marking the propeller shaft CV joint/flange
Mark the position of the propeller shaft CV joint/flange. See Replacing bevel gear pinion seal .
Press the drive shaft joints together as much as possible.
Remove the screws on left-hand side from the support for the center bearing.
Remove the shaft from the bevel gear.
Leave the end of the shaft resting against the anti-roll bar.
Note! Be careful. Do not damage the heated oxygen sensor (HO2S) or its cable.

Removing bevel gear
Remove the 5 screws for the bevel gear. Pull the bevel gear straight out. Then turn it during removal.

(VADIS, 2005).

Thanks for your time with this,

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Can't help but maybe check over in the R forum as there are always complaints about busted angle gears in there - especially the '04-05 MTs.

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Re: (S60inToronto)

Thats what my angle gear has looked like for years too. AWD works proper, get a hand pump put redline 75 90 i think it was in: angle, the AOC and rear diff. Its good your prepared but if its not shot dont fix it.
Good write up by the way i saved it for when the time comes

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Re: Replacing the Angle Gear - Getting Ready- Please Share Advice, Tips, Tricks, etc.. (NJGreenBudd)

Our XC's AG was weeping like that also. I filled it up with Mobil 1 gear oil and it has not leaked in 5k miles.

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Re: Replacing the Angle Gear - Getting Ready- Please Share Advice, Tips, Tricks, etc.. (Mika)

I went ahead and took this out today while I was adding a new downpipe.

Take the wheel off, remove the brakes and undo the shock. Take out the axle bolt and press out the axle from the hub.

Unbolt the center bearing and pull out the axle from the transmission.

Axle as it sits in angle gear

Weeping angle gear

Remove exhaust

Unbolt the driveshaft from the angle gear output.

Unbolt the angle gear from the transmission.

Remove angle gear from transmission.

Newer and older angle gears.

Sucked out the old fluid from the new angle gear and replaced with new gear oil.

Installed Newer Angle Gear

When I swap out the turbo in a few months I am going to replace the collar gear and trans seal at that point.

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