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Actually, it isn't as bad as the title makes it sound.

The car is my 2002 S60. The e-brake boot was peeling like mad so I went looking online for replacements. Found some leather ones but I didn't want to pay that much for a trinket for a 17 year old car. Found some vinyl ones on ebay.

I put a couple on my watch list while I pondered colors and while I was waiting, one dropped from $25 to 15 with free shipping so I ordered it. When it came, it seemed well made with nice stitching. The color doesn't match the plastic surround like the old one but it matches the seats so I think that it looks pretty nice.

Now for the fun part, installation.

The boot is sandwiched between two pieces of plastic. It is stapled to the inner piece and the inner piece of plastic is glued to the outer piece which is what you see.

The directions that I found online mentioned gluing the boot to the inner piece. Glue? It's stapled. I can restaple it. Right?

Wrong. I got out the staple gun and tried to staple the vinyl to the plastic. The staples didn't even scratch the plastic. So I go to the garage and get out my heavy duty stapler which I've used on furniture. It will drive a 1/2" staple into maple. Surely plastic is no match for it.

Bang! goes the stapler and the staple falls out. It did scratch the plastic but just barely.

Glue time! I went to Michael's and bought some Alene's fabric glue with worked well. I pretty much followed these directions (https://www.redlinegoods.com/S600109install2.pdf) except that I tried staples first.
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