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Hey all. First time posting, and I figured I'd jump right in with [what I hope is] something useful.

Last October I wanted to get rid of a car payment, so I sold my CX-7 (great CUV) and used the cash-out to pick up a '98 C70 Coupe. It's clean for its age...has 150K and runs strong. As with any 14 year old car, though, it needs some things. Struts/shocks are next...

The first thing I took on was the stereo. It has the 12-speaker Dynaudio setup, and after much reading I realized how fortunate I was for that. Still, it needed work. I had a couple dead tweeters, a dead center, and a couple woofers making noise. Not looking to spend a mint, I got creative.

The noisy woofers had spiders that separated from the frame. A tube of superglue later and they're all set.

The center was like everyone else's. The magnet was falling off. Complete toast. And low-profile aftermarket speakers are hard to find. I ended up with the Massive Audio SX5 @ 1.6" depth. Because the factory center is a 1.25" depth, I still had to take a heat gun to the heating duct under the speaker to make room. All set, and sounds great for $59.99 for the pair (compared to $140 for one factory replacement).

One front and one rear tweeter were also dead. I made a good factory pair in the rear and replaced the fronts. Again not willing to spend $260 each for factory replacements, I started researching. I went with Vifa XT25SC90-04 from Parts Express, mainly because they were 4ohm, and they fit perfectly in the factory tweeter housings once I cut the Dynaudio tweets out. See pix.

You can see that I originally wired them directly - I had a brain fart and forgot that the factory units had integrated HP crossovers right under the drivers (which got tossed). As soon as I turned them on I realized the mistake, and added 5kHz crossovers, also from Parts Express. They sound very good, and all for under $50 total. I used double-sided foam tape on the bottom of the crossovers to adhere them to heating ducts that were just inside the tweeter holes in the dash. Worked out great.

Hope this helps someone looking to replace dead drivers and not break the bank. Comments / suggestions welcome.
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