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I crawled around in the forum for awhile but couldn't find any solid guidance on this. Last night my XC70 failed VA state inspection due to a stuck driver's window. :facepalm: I left the car with the mechanic who diagnosed the issue as a window regulator and then announced that it was "really hard to fix" and I'd be better off taking it to the dealer ($75 gone...).

Is this replacement a nightmare (I did read that it involves drilling out some rivets)? I'm patient and reasonably skilled- if there is a guide out there I'd be willing to make a go at it.

The other question is parts- I've found aftermarket regulators at about $150 (vs the $700!) quoted by the dealer. Can I use these or do they need some sort of dealer re-flash to work? Another alternative would be a junk yard part but I'd hate to go through the effort of installing the part just to have it fail.

For the record, following some advice here, I already replaced the switch unit (super easy) but it had no effect.

Any and all help (including "you really don't want to do this") is greatly appreciated!


Arlington VA
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