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Six months ago I shared that using Liqui-Moly ProLine Engine Flush helped with my oil consumption issue on my 5 cylinder Volvo. Well, now that some time has passed, I can give an update.

Around 1 quart got consumed after 2500 miles. After adding Liqui-Moly ViscoPlus, I have not burned any oil after driving 1500 more miles.

I now have an improved procedure for fixing this issue:
  1. Lift the car with a jack and jack stands or ramps.
  2. Next, add a bottle of Liqui-Moly ProLine Engine Flush to the engine oil and idle the engine for 15 minutes.
  3. Drain the engine oil. Be careful as the oil will be hot!
  4. Remove the oil filter. A low profile 36mm socket and a flex head ratchet or a regular ratchet with breaker bar with extension is required.
  5. Reinstall the drain plug and belly pan with a new aluminum crush washer.
  6. Install the new oil filter.
  7. Add a 300ml can of Liqui-Moly Viscoplus for Oil.
  8. Add new oil of your choice. I have had good results with both Castrol and Liqui Moly oil.
  9. Add a can of fuel system cleaner and top up the tank with gasoline. Any cleaner with a lot of PEA in it will work.
  10. Drive around. Recycle used oil properly!
A lower oil change interval is also useful to preventing oil consumption. An extractor pump will leave 100ml or so of old oil in the crankcase, but extracting oil halfway between Volvo's recommended 10k oil changes should be enough.

This works because Volvo did not design their oil control ring correctly. The oil control ring becomes fouled with carbon deposits, and oil ends up in the combustion chamber instead of being scraped down the cylinder wall. Engine flush will remove years of built-up deposits from the oil control ring.

The fuel system cleaner contains PEA, a detergent which can break up carbon deposits in the combustion chamber which result from oil consumption. These deposits can cause spark plug fouling, clogged injectors and other issues.

Since some oil is burnt and sent through the exhaust, it is essential that any oil or additives used are labeled as safe for catalytic converters!
Volvo does not condone additives of any kind. Use only full synthetic A5/B5 5W-30 in your engine. If you have a 2013 S60 with the 5 cylinder engine, it should now be covered by the newly launched 100K oil consumption extended warranty just launched by Volvo. Check with your local Volvo Retailer for details.
1 - 1 of 68 Posts