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removing rear wagon headrests

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I have kid booster seats in the back and they don't sit as flush and reclined as they should. The tops of the booster seats hit the headrests and are prevented from fitting nicely against the back of the seat.

I tried to remove the headrests but it did not seem like a straightforward "pull em out" like my other cars....

Anybody done it? I need help here.
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Hey,not the fastest removal but here, two styles. First feel at base where metal from bottom of headrest goes into seat, see if there is a tab you can push in to release it. Second, and this is the one it will most likely be is under the plastic cover at the top of the seat there are holes which you insert a punch to depress the tab and release the headrest. The panel is not hard to come off reomve torx screw from the end cover and move the cover to the side and slide the long top trim out the now open side. Note the side with the torx screw is the one opposite the latch side. You should see holes that line up to where the headrest posts go in. Not as simple as some but if you really want to, go for it.
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