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I don't know if I ever posted about it here, but I bought one of these back in February:

Mountek nGroove Universal CD Slot Mount @ Amazon.com

It's less than a third the price of a Pro Clip solution and, in my opinion, puts the device at a better location for use while driving (easy to reach to change playlists, etc.). This matter more to me before than it does now since I can have Siri do w/e I want with my music and set up new driving directions once Apple Maps is fixed. I highly recommend it.

Over time, I decided it didn't look so great in the CD slot because I was re-purposing the CD player and there is a lot of wobbling when driving. Today I tried two new options and am looking for opinions on appearance and durability of the car:


Option #1 - Air Vent: As the first first two photos show, the mount fits nicely in the bottom groove of the air vent, but I'm not sure how strong this plastic is and I'm worried about it breaking. The first two photos show that. It does seem like it will stay in place, but there is a little wobble room. How sturdy is this piece? How hard it is to replace if it does brake?

Option #2 - Above Wood Trim: It also fits very snugly in the space between the wood trim and the soft dash pad below the air vents. The only thing I am questioning in that regard is the big gap it creates right along the side. It's not very premium looking, but I think it's hard to notice so I'm thinking of keeping it. Especially as it does not wobble at all. It's more secure than in the CD slot and certainly better looking. I'm worried, will this damage the dash pad over time?
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