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I am a new member here. I live in Wisconsin and have owned 9 Volvos since my late 20’s. My last two were a 2004 and 2007 XC90.
I drove the first 237,000 miles before catastrophic engine failure ended its run. The second has just shy of 200,000 miles, but I’ve had many more problems with it and so am throwing in the towel and getting a new car.

For the first time in decades I am looking at SUV’s other than Volvo—BMW and Acura. My heart wants a 2020 XC60 but after all the problems I’ve had with my current XC90, and reading about reliability issues with the 2018 XC60 I’m wondering if I would be asking for trouble if I got a 2020 XC60.

I am wondering if because the manufacture of the XC60 has been moved from China to Sweden, there might be fewer problems with them now? Can anyone offer their two cents about this, please?

Thank you!
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