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Is your factory warranty expiring? Need more coverage? VIP plan available-low cost.

The Volvo Increased Protection Plan V.I.P.

Drive your Volvo year after year without major repair bills. Excellent coverage and real value. Volvo Increased Protection is available in a variety of terms and deductibles, to match any driving habits and budget. Comprehensive coverage combined with many additional features will let you get the most out of your Volvo. The choice is up to you. Volvo Increased Protection has been designed to provide you with a great value to help you get the absolute most out of your Volvo ownership experience.

Volvo Increased Protection Features:
·Rental reimbursement up to $30/day up to six days on covered repairs.
·Protection at home or away throughout the United States and Canada.
·Transferable coverage to enhance the resale value of your Volvo should you decide to sell it.

Volvo ON CALL® Features
·ON CALL® Roadside Assistance for the term of your contract.
·Towing to the nearest Volvo dealership is covered.
·Trip Interruption Reimbursement up to a maximum of $500, for food and lodging expenses if your vehicle breaks down more than 150 miles from your home.
·Tire Service for changing a flat with your inflated spare tire.
·Fuel Delivery.
·Winching Service to remove your Volvo from mud, sand, snow or ditch.
·Lockout service if your ignition key is accidentally locked inside your Volvo.
·Lost Key service if your ignition key is lost or broken and you are unable to locate a spare.
·Map routing for professional trip planning that includes detailed maps, clearly marked to indicate the most direct or scenic route to your destination.

Remember if your Volvo has more than 15,000 miles or is older than 15 months (from the "In-Service" date) the vehicle must be fully inspected for mechanical fitness and any covered part that is not functioning properly must be repaired or replaced prior to sale, and must have an oil and filter change. There is a checkout fee for this service. Your vehicle must have at least 1 month AND 1,000 miles of the manufacturer's full warranty remaining to purchase this Increased Protection.

visit us at http://www.redbankvolvo.com to get a quote
Go to Service Information then click on VIP information

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Re: Red Bank Volvo offering The Volvo Increased Protection Plan at Reduced Rates (kenschel)

Quote, originally posted by kenschel »
can the inspection be done at a different Volvo dealer (I live in Wisconsin...)

No. The selling retailer has to inspect your car.

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