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Record miles on EV in a day for me, but not on a single charge

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Yesterday I took my dog to the vet, there and back, all on EV (and picked up coffee for my wife). 15.6 miles
Got home about 10:15am plugged it in (110V)
Got notified it was full at 4:17pm and left at 4:26pm (HEMI TIME!) to pick up the dog.
Another 14.5 miles on full EV, back home and plugged in again.
SO, 30.1 miles on full EV, in one day AND it was finished charging the 2nd time just before midnight!

Times were long for 30 miles, because I sat in the car the whole time while my wife went in, so HVAC/Radio was on the whole time

Tomorrow I have to do a 100 mile loop to the airport and back, that will burn some fuel for sure.
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How's the overall acceleration and passing performance in Full EV mode? Does the HVAC run in Eco mode when in EV?
On a heavy S90 with original T8, definitely in the "keep up with traffic" category, even more so when hills are involved (and in SW PA, Hills are ALWAYS involved)
And I run in PURE almost all the time, with HVAC supposedly reduced, but it was mild yesterday anyway. I would say that unless I'm in eAWD or whatever (rarely) if I'm not in PURE, I'm in POWER.
My wife, just turns it on and drives and ignores it all, which still works very well, and she loves it too.
Also I think that PURE lets you draw deeper into EV, seems that no matter what percentage I'm at, when I pick it, it adds 2 miles to the range. And if "empty" it still will add 1.
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My daily is a Mini Electric. Not mega quick at 6.1s to 60mph, but the response at any speed is instant and makes pressing the loud pedal akin to standing on a landmine. No waiting for turbos and slush boxes to wake up like I'm used to in my Volvos.
Yeah, but that really has nothing to do with this discussion. My S90 would destroy that under full power, it is about getting the most out of what these cars have, even sneaking in a full charge only on 110v (actually 2, 2nd unused) in the same day.
That would be my theoretical limit, maybe 60 ish.

But it would take a full 24 hours basically.

Say 22 miles on initial charge, then 10-11 hours on charger, then 20 more miles, then charge until full or to the 23 hour mark, and drive with what it has in it.
I've only ever charged on a L2 at one resort, but I've done it several times there (including multiple times in a day as well). And it seems SO FAST even though it isn't really if you were dependent on EV only, ever.
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