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Recomendation for '05 XC70 tire replacement

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Live in Northeast, looking to replace wife's Scorpions on her 05 XC.

She does mostly around town, but I do 5-6 long trips to upstate NY mountains for college pickup.

Want something that works well for daily driving & yet good in winter.

The scorpions have been good so far, they came on the car when I bought it at 50k, now at 75 k, & got a summer's worth left.

Any opinions?


p.s if the going gets tough it's my Landcruiser!
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Re: Recomendation for '05 XC70 tire replacement (Roverguy)

I have an 06 XC and I have stayed with the Scorpians. I got about 38K
out of them and because I got a really good deal on the next set I stayed
with them
Re: Recomendation for '05 XC70 tire replacement (Roverguy)

The scorpions are a great all season tire, I would stay with those. As long as u keep up on the rotation you can get a good amount of miles out of the scorpions. I believe they are better then the mich. MXV4
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