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Recaro Sport Seat Fitment in 240

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Alright, here's a question for those who may have done this already (Kai?). One of our editors from VWvortex may have an extra set of black leather recaros from a 1992 Volkswagen GTI that he would be willing to sell me quite affordably.

As our new 245 is showing wear on the front driver's seat, I thought it'd be a nice upgrade. Trouble is, I am certain I'll need some sort of adapter. Is there anyone who's done this that might know of a solution?
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How cheap is he selling the seat(s) to you?

You can buy the bracket from any of the Recaro dealers. I think the seats that off the GTI is similar to the ones I have if not the same.

I also heard that you can custom build brackets for the seats...but I would trust the manufacturer more than any machine shop when it comes to my personal safety.

Hope this helps, if you need the number of that reseller, let me know.
He told me $200, and they are black so they match my interior. I'll give you a call if he sells them to me or I find another set. I'm not really in the market for some yet, but for that price, I'm considering it.
Is that $200 for both? Let me know if you decide not to buy them and they're available. Assuming that the price would be higher for anyone else, I'd still be interested.
Yeah, it was for both. Volkswagen A2s are a good place to find older used Recaros. They came standard equipment on '90-'93 Jetta GLI and GTI models. Sometimes you can find them at parts yards. Sorry, if he's sellin I'm buyin, but if for some reason that shouldn't happen, I'll make sure to post it here.

Originally posted by [email protected]:
Volkswagen A2s are a good place to find older used Recaros. They came standard equipment on '90-'93 Jetta GLI and GTI models. Sometimes you can find them at parts yards.
Yeah, I knew there were some VW's that got Recaros, but I wasn't sure what years (other than being A2). I've been looking around for some u-pull-it yards in the area, so I'll be checking all the older VW's, as well as the Volvos.

The only yard I've been to so far is in Jessup, MD, and there was a Diesel 240 wagon there, in case you want some cheap stiff springs ($20 for all 4). They'd need to be cut down a coil or two so that the car doesn't ride higher than stock, but they're definitely stiffer to support the heavy 6cyl. engine. I think Rob has Diesel springs on the rear of his Bertone. How did your pictures of his car come out? All of mine taken that night were awful.

BTW, do you still need/want a large tach? I might have one available soon.
They came out alright, not great but alright. I'd like to shoot the car during the day. I'll have to post some.
Okay, so now I have a line on some 2001 Volkswagen Jetta buckets in black leather for $350. The price is VERY good, but the prob is, I am guessing this would be far from an easy mod. The Recaros have easily changed lower brackets. The VW ones are made specifically for that car, and not likely to fit the car without significant modification.
the A2 generation is from '85-'92 not '93, just to let you know (my not having a life is a factor in my reply, d'oh)

hey george, you are a very busy person. i didnt know you were here too.
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Yeah, '93 is an oddball year. There were issues with the Mexican factory being up to snuff for the Mk 3 cars. I think you are right, there were no Golfs and Jettas for '93, unless they were sold as leftovers much like '94 Corrados. No life? I'll raise my hand to that.
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