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Am I the only one who finds it interesting that when news like this
comes out, like a major safety-related recall, none of the Volvo sales people, who are otherwise so talkative on this site, have a peep to

A professional, in any field, tries to get all the facts before making statements or comments about a particular subject outside their area of expertise. Why come on a forum and contirbute to the trail of misinformation that can sometimes be created?
As I understand this recall...it is more a precautionary measure than a reaction to any actual failures or accidents that were caused. It is an inner ball joint that "could" have a stresspoint weakened. We have seen 1 in 3 years that was possibly a candidate for the recall! That's 1 in about 500+!

Are there some uninformed dealers out there? Sure there are! Are there some "off the wall...rip off" consultants out there? Sure there are! I don't lump all consultants together....so do me a personal favor...don't lump all Volvo salespeople together. Fact is...the one's who are clueless about the recall...don't even know what Swedespeed is!

I will speak for myself and Max......we try to keep a perspective on things. I would NEVER EVER let a customer drive an unsafe vehicle PERIOD!!!!! This reacll is to "make sure" that ther eis no unusual wear and tear on a ball joint that has yet to fail! Pretty responsible on Volvo's part I would say...."don't wait for it to possibly fail...let's go ahead and do the right thing and fix/replace any that show usual symptoms now"......After all...isn't that what you want from an automaker? Proactive action rather than reactive excuses?
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