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Rear Wing meets Garage Door

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Here is another one I would like to get an opinion on. My wife(not for long if this happen again) closed the garage door without making sure the car was in all the way and it came down on the rear wing. There is a small crack in the middle of the wing and I am wondering if this is some thing I can fix easily or do I need the take it into the shop?
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I would not repair the wing. Replace it with a new one. It will eventually crack in the area of the repair.
I agree. They're not that expensive, and you may even be able to order it prepainted.
Man, that sucks! Come see me and we I will check it out, a home repair would not last and a body shop repair might last a bit longer, depends how bad it is. If it were mine a new wing would go on and not out of my car fun money, her expense, remember this is not a upgrade! I know it is most cases "OUR" money but I know you want to upgrade the car and that can not be part of the budget. Today I drove my next purchase for next year a 96 red R STICK WAGON and that will be for the wife, cant wait!
See ya.

Originally posted by 1FASTBOX:
Today I drove my next purchase for next year a 96 red R STICK WAGON and that will be for the wife, cant wait!
See ya.
nice guy... rub it in will ya?
I may even ask to take hold of it before next year so I can prep and clean it all winter long next to the T-5R and keep her 240 wagon and my 740 sedan for the snow vehicles, sound like a good set up? The only thing the car needs is its wheels back, it has the 16inch turbo's on it now, just not the same.
Looks like I might have found one as well. a 96 red R just like the project car featured in the "Features" section. This way I can give the wife the wagon and get the sedan for myself both 96 850Rs in "arrest me red". Can you tell I'm getting addicted to this stuff?

Now for the questions: I have an idea on what to look for on this car but it always helps to get help from others. what should I be looking for?

PS I'm posting the second part as a new string as well to allow this string to be closed.
I responded in your new thread. I'll try to think if there's been anything else.

Oh, one other thing, check the wheels for bends. If the Volans are on it, they are likely bent.
Are you saying that Volan is more likely to be bent than Titan wheel?...that Volans are not as strong?

I find it hard to believe regular Volvo owners(meaning those who don't come on swedespeed
) would know how to take care of these 17".
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IPD sells rear wings that are already color matched for a couple hundred bucks.
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