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Rear Seat Cargo Net

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I have a '01 V70 and just picked up an '06. I was disappointed the '06 doesn't have the rear seat retractable cargo net. It looks like it can be swapped, but there are bits of plastic everywhere that my ham hands my snap without some guidance. Can anyone help me determine the viability and scope of the project? Also, the '01 has the auto-dim mirror. Any chance that can be swapped?
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Re: Rear Seat Cargo Net (flatspot)

What did you buy, a base XC?
Almost every single one I've seen has premium, climate and the convenience package (which has all those options).

The mirror cannot be installed as far as I know, it's integrated into the car's electronics and immobilizer system.
The seat net can be done but it's a tough deal to do and not cheap.

Homelink, compass, do you have those?
Re: Rear Seat Cargo Net (JRL)

The '06 a T5 V70 - I swapped the Homelink visors from the '01 so I must not have the convenience package on the '06. The '01 has the net, but it looks like it would take some fiddlin' to get it out.
Re: Rear Seat Cargo Net (flatspot)

The net's a PIA, buy the steel dog gate
Thanks for saving me a hassle - I'll take your advice.
Re: (flatspot)

I'm rattle averse.... any feedback on the steel dog gate and the potential for rattles, buzzes, resonance?
Re: (flatspot)

I've had my steel gate since the day I bought the car new in '04. It started rattling a tad on me this spring, but nothing severe, just a minor annoyance. I haven't checked yet to see if everything is tight. If you ever plan on shuttling dogs around back there, you really should get the steel gate and not the cargo net.
Re: (wingdo)

Thanks for the feedback... Easy install?
Re: (flatspot)

Very easy install, took 5-10 minutes and I verified last night the rattle is NOT from the steel gate, it is my passenger rear seat latch. So still rattle free after almost 6 years.
Thanks to all! Ordered steel cage yesterday!
Re: (flatspot)

Love the steel barrier - Works slick
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