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Rear door speaker grill - removable? Part #?

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Co-worker managed to crack a rear door speaker grill in my T5 with his knee this afternoon. Still don't quite know how.

I only found one relevant post by searching, but this thing is removable without taking off the door panel, correct? He's offered to buy a replacement, anyone know the part number?

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Re: Rear door speaker grill - removable? Part #? (Splat)

For me it looks like it's not a removable part, but a piece of door panel...

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Crap. Guess it's time to glue it up as pretty as possible.
Re: (Splat)

You can always contact erie vovo for a replacement piece for low cost! http://www.erievovo.com

They have a large selection of salvaged Volvos and likely will have the panel you need.

Re: (Prospero)

Nice! Thanks for the link.
Re: (Splat)

I would speculate they will ask $100-125 for a panel...
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