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rear control arm bushing problem

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so, to make the long story short.... i was in process of installing H&R lowering springs so when i started doing the back i decided to do it by removing the bolt that holds the lower control arm attached to the trailing arm, and that way just lower it and remove the old spring. When i was trying to remove the bolt it was seized and it snapped
. Had to cut it off and ruin the bushing.
I found the lower control arm at the junkyard( because at the dealer they sell it only with the whole control arm $160) and i was wondering if it is possible to swap the bushings without removing the old control arm as it looks really difficult because its passenger side and it seems like there is some kind of a black box behind the bolt that holds it attached to the bridge in the center of the car.
any input would help


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Re: rear control arm bushing problem (shadowlord)

Removing the inner pivot bolt is not recommended, because you need to realign the rear end if you disturb it. That bolt is an eccentric and is used to adjust toe-in. Normally, you don't remove anything to replace rear springs, just compress them and they lift out.

I don't know if the bushing is available separately, but I'm going to guess no, if Volvo only sells the arm as an assembly. You can ask John at Boston Volvo Parts ([email protected]) who will tell you with certainty.

Be sure you tighten the two pivot bolts only with the suspension in the normal rest position (not on the lift). And of course, realign it when done. Rear toe and nearly zero thrust are especially critical with AWD, but still important with FWD.

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