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rear camber arms, viva or est?

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is there any difference between the two besides pricing? i've noticed a lot of people have the viva ones
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Re: rear camber arms, viva or est? (SDS40)

I think they're the same. both companies are great. I've ordered a lot from both... go with what is cheaper if they are (what I think) the same
I've heard there's some repackaging of the SPC arms by some companies (and marking up of the price) but I don't know who does that, Eibach comes to mind. I ordered SPC arms (p/n 67420) from some online store I found the best price at. They're the same part used on the Focus and Mazda3, so they're common enough to find. I found them for $160 shipped about a month ago.
Re: rear camber arms, viva or est? (SDS40)

Also try tirerack. I think they are $155 for a pair last time I checked. Make sure the price you see is for a pair and not just one. A lot of places sell just one.
I got mine from SFXperformance.com . They're more expensive now that when I originally bought them though.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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