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Rear brakes- need new ones

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Hey guys, just wondering who here has done their rear brakes and rotors. Is it cut and dry, are there any weird things I will run in to once I get into the job?

What brands of aftermarket, if any, are you using or are these cars like the 850's where its best to use OE?

Any help would be great, thanks.

I noticed that there is no write up on this in the maintenance sticky. I may do one for this job. Who would I submit that to?
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Re: Rear brakes- need new ones (orteped)

There is no procedure to submit a write-up, just do a good job of documenting and (if it's worthy
) I'll add it to the sticky.

It's not a difficult job btw. You do need a caliper piston retraction tool with the right pin spacing.

I use Volvo pads. There are two, one for FWD and a different one for AWD. I don't know what's different between them.

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Re: Rear brakes- need new ones (orteped)

It is very straight forward. Like many cars now, you have to rotate the piston while compressing. As far as brake pads, Volvo OEM are always good but dusty. For aftermarket, I tried Hawk pads and like them very much as they perform as well or better than the OEM and have very little dust and noise.

Re: Rear brakes- need new ones (AutoGeek)

I have almost no dusting on either front or rear with my OEM pads, over the 4+ years I've owned it. My car is AWD/6MT so it got the larger fronts and AWD rears. But, I've seen S40's with the same brake setup that were black with dust. Not sure what pads they ran.

Thanks everyone, went OEM on all parts. The hardest thing was the caliper piston and the spinning. Why in the hell they did that I will never know, but it sucks. I think I am going to blame it on Ford.
Re: (orteped)

Of all the Volvos I've owned the 06 S40 had the dirtiest brake pads, till the change on the rear a few hundred miles ago. Still OEM rotors and pads but a HUGE difference, hardly any dust. The indie tech mentioned the pad formulas evolve with customer feedback.

So what's the real scoop on this rear brake wear on our (and some other marks) have?

This model has by far the best stoppers I've ever had.

Re: (orteped)

There many things to blame on Ford but the older S40's (pre-Ford) did the same thing. I think the calipers are made by Lucas. Same with my old '94 Acura Integra. If you get the tool, it isn't too bad. The older S/V70's were a heck of a lot easier though.

Re: (AutoGeek)

Pretty sure all the rears are from Ate. Fronts seem to have some exceptions.

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