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I'm building a 1958 PV444 "restomod" street rod. I know the Spicer/Dana rear end with its' tapered axles is considered by SCCA to be unsafe, even with B-18 power.

I will be running a 3.4L Camaro V6, which has at least 3 times the torque of the original engine. I would also like to have rear disc brakes, and use the stock 5 on 4.5 lug pattern, which was also used on Ford, Mopar, and some Jeep models.

I would like to retain the original Volvo rear suspension system, which would have the pickup points reinforced, and some of the components strengthened or replaced with stronger bits.

The main issue I seem to be running into is finding a "pumpkin" that will accommodate the two upper rods that attach to the chassis under the rear seat.

Has anyone here resolved that issue ? I am not greatly concerned with the width of whatever rear axle I would use, as the stocker would need to be slightly shortened to fit my wheels/tires any way.

Thanks for any help or information !
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