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When posting your car, please include the following basic information; without it, a moderator may contact you and remove your post until this information is available.

If your car is SOLD please send a moderator (names at bottom left) a message so that we can archive the post.

** Pictures are highly recommended ** (Posting instructions here)
Please make photos 1024x768 pixels or smaller
so they will fit legibly on a typical desktop or laptop screen.
Title Format:
Model Year, Model, Transmission (AT or MT), Color (exterior/interior), followed by very brief significant details and the location.
2004 V70R MT Titanium/Nordkap 63.5K, Full Volvo Service, Extra wheels, new tires/Boston MA
Additional required information:
  • Your name and the best way to reach you
  • Make/Model
  • Year
  • Mileage
  • Color
  • Transmission
  • Condition (including if it is a non-smoking or smoking vehicle)
  • Option packages, e.g. premium sound, heated seats, HID headlights.
  • Location (impress the moderators by including it in the post title, too)
  • VIN: (optional - some users may use it to validate vehicle history)
  • Selling Price
  • Contact Information: preferably an email address and or telephone #
Swedespeed PM is nice, but if you want to use it, please note so in the ad--not everyone is familiar with it--and then be sure to log in regularly and read them.
Other desirable information:
  • Modifications: aftermarket tuning (e.g. RICA, BSR), CAI, JRL exhaust mod, lowered springs, etc.
  • Accident history; repaired and unrepaired damage.
  • Maintenance history: have the factory standard maintenance guidelines been followed, exceeded or what? Proof.
  • Service history: post significant sw and or mechanical TNN's that have been downloaded or performed.
Swedespeed is an enthusiast's community.
Post the kind of information and details
that you would want to see if you were the buyer!

Thanks and good luck with your sale.

NOTE: Modifications to your vehicle may not add value, choose your price appropriately.
Here is a read from Jalopnik


55,913 Posts
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