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SwedeSpeed classifieds exists for individuals to sell new/used cars and parts. If a thread appears to be a commercial post, it will be removed as a violation of SwedeSpeed's vendor rules. Individuals who intend to produce and/or sell multiple items of the same product will need to seek a vendor license. For information about becoming a vendor, please e-mail [email protected].

Group-buy interest may be initiated by individuals. However, a Group-buy post may only be started by a vendor. Individuals who do not have a vendor license may not post in classifieds on behalf of that vendor.

If you are In Search Of, Wanting to Buy, or Needing, please post your thread in the Want Ads. If listed elsewhere, your post will be removed.

Please only post your ad once, in the appropriate sub-forum. Duplicate threads in multiple sub-forums will be removed.

Respond to your original thread to bump it to the top of the classifieds list. Do not create a new thread advertising the same content. If you wish to create a fresh thread for your listing, please private message a global moderator so that we can remove your original thread.

Please take a moment to acknowledge the various sections of the SwedeSpeed Classifieds forum:

Miscellaneous Classifieds For Volvo related items (trunk badges, wheel center caps, mudflaps, etc.) which do not fall under the following categories.
FWD & AWD Cars For Sale For FWD and AWD Volvos.
FWD & AWD Parts For Sale For FWD and AWD Volvo parts.
RWD Cars For Sale For RWD Volvos.
RWD Parts For Sale For RWD Volvo parts.
Non-Car Related Classifieds For non-Volvo related items (books, electronics, furniture, etc.).
Non-Volvo Cars For Sale For any brand other than Volvo (Ford, Nissan, BMW, etc.).
Wheels & Tires Classifieds For wheels and tires only.
Want Ads For parts, cars, or tools which you are looking for.
Volvo Memorabilia For Volvo related merchandise (hats, shirts, model cars, books, etc.).
Job Listings For Volvo related jobs (corporate positions, dealership positions, tech positions for garages, bloggers, etc.).

Advice for Buying
  • Using caution when shopping online, especially when purchasing items from sellers who have a short history or low post count on SwedeSpeed. SwedeSpeed is not responsible if you get scammed. Please bring any scammers to a global moderator's attention so that we may review their profile.
  • It is suggested that transactions be completed through a secure method of payment, such as PayPal.
  • Double check parts compatibility with your car, SwedeSpeed members are knowledgeable but may make a mistake when suggesting vehicle fitment.
  • Use discretion when buying used cars/parts sight-unseen, especially if the seller did not provide pictures.
Tips for Selling
  • List your price and state whether or not buyers may make an offer. Also list your preferred method of payment.
  • Include pictures in your post, people like to see what they are buying. For help with posting pictures, please review this thread.
  • Be honest about quality and condition.
  • Clearly state the regions you are willing to ship to, or your shipping options. For local pick-up, include a general location where you can meet the buyer.
  • Be cautious of buyers who contact you through alternative means than what you requested. SwedeSpeed is not responsible if you get scammed. Please bring any scammers to a global moderator's attention so that we may review their profile.
  • Once your item has sold, please contact a Global Moderator to mark your post as SOLD.
Requirements for Selling a Vehicle You may copy and paste this list in your posting.
  • Title must include:
    • Model and model year
  • Title should also contain:
    • Transmission (AT or MT)
    • Mileage
    • Color (exterior/interior)
    • Location
  • Post must include:
    • Your name
    • Preferred method of contact
    • Location
    • Price
    • Make/Model
    • Year
    • Mileage
    • Color
    • Transmission
    • Condition
  • Post should also include:
    • Pictures or a link to an album
    • Options/Packages
    • VIN
    • Modifications
    • Accident history
    • Maintenance and service history
Replying to Listings
  • You may ask legitimate questions.
  • Please keep commentary to a minimum.
  • Opinions about price or quality should be handled through private messaging and not public postings that deter from the seller's listing.
  • Keep the BS to a minimum and no trolling.

If you violate any of these rules or fail to meet these requirements, moderators reserve the right to remove your post WITHOUT contacting you for clarification.

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For awareness:
If you receive aggressive offers from someone with poor English called "Theresa" at [email protected] saying they agree to the terms and will send someone to pick up your car - this may be a scam. Always double check and keep your personal information private. Use a Google Voice number instead of your actual phone number for those buyers and sellers who are not familiar.

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