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Re: D5 Engine simply cuts out?

I have recently bought a 2002 S60 D5 (Auto) with 73K miles on the clock. Twice now it has cut out whilst driving at speed on dual carriageways. As the engine cuts out the message "Engine service urgently required" is displayed.
On both occasions I have had to be towed home by the RAC and after two days of futile attempts finally the car will restart. On both occasions it was raining, I was using the cruise control and about 40 miles into my journey. Also the fuel tank was between 1/4 and 1/2 full.
I have taken the car to my local Volvo specialist after each cut out and they have not been able to identify a cause. The cars computer has logged a "low fuel pressure" warning each time but this doesn't greatly help!
Has anyone else experienced this problem, or can you cast any light on a potential cause?
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