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Hey guys, well recently our 855 T-5 has been in it's second accident.I don't own the car it's my mom's but it'll be my first car I know almost everything about the car even though I'm 13 well here's the prob.We've been having some problems with it. The back tail gate to the car continusually rattles. I blame my dad for not replacing the clips that hold it down, instead he did a boot leg drive that worked for about 3 miles. Have any of you had this problem, and fixed it?

Well this is the main problem. While driving through the streets of ATL, my family has been complaining about a very rough ride with the car. Sure the streets here are very rough, but the car should be able to handle them. Because when we sent the car to the shop, we had a courtesy car from our Volvo Dealer (V70) this car took the same roads we travel on very well. our 850 always rattles and thuds over every bumd, but with tha V70 No loud thuds or anything like our 850 does. Do u guys have any cures for this problem? Do we need to change the suspension? tire size? or watever, let me know wat u've done if u've done anything. Thanks, NK
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