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You may recall I've reported a muted rattle from the front end, most noticeable in the cold. Also recently developed a shimmy in the steering wheel, along with a slight creak in the steering. After a few trips to the dealer, in which the link rods were replaced and the front end was evaluated, the source of the problem was finally traced at the last visit to a bad left front strut. In turn, the shimmy was being caused by the left front tire being out of round and prematurely worn on the inside edge, possibly as a result from riding around on a bad strut.

Smythe replaced both front struts under warranty. Also threw in a complimentary alignment to make up for the repeat visits and the wear on the tire. Although I will have to replace all four now ahead of when I planned to , they had only another 5K max left on 'em, so no big deal. I've put the Rosso's back on (actually find them pretty good, and didn't bring back a case of the sidesteps, either), until I get a new A/S tire/wheel package.

The car feels like new again...tight, taut, quiet! Smythe's service advisors were very patient and perseverent. I got a chance to talk with some of the techs, too, during the course of this issue, and they were very professional.

The only niggling issue is the "wooden boat in rough seas" creak I get from the steering during parking maneouvers. I'll keep an ear out on it, and have them look at it a bit later (had hoped it was related to the strut issue, but apparently not).
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