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Rare JDM-spec OEM dash switch?

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Hey all,

I've noticed that on some later Japanese-spec V70Rs (1999-2000), they have a strange OEM switch by the steering wheel that I've never seen before. And no, it's not the infamous folding mirror switch 馃槀

Can't find any info about it online. On the switch itself, there appears to be the outline of a P80 wagon with a 4-bladed fan-symbol inside. It looks like the same fan-blade symbol as the fan-slider on the AC controls for these cars. Sorry for the poor image quality lol.

Anyone know what this does?

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Those look like standard computer fans LOL
What the hell... gotta be one of the jankiest car options I've ever seen 馃槀
Literally just PC fans from 90s like Deimosian said! Good idea, but strange execution.

I guess that's that mystery solved then! I knew that the Volvo nerds here on SS would have it figured out within 24 hours haha
The only P80 wagon that I can remember seeing this option in the United States was a (MY98?) Sandstone V70 XC in downstate Illinois that made it to eBay. I think we speculated that it was a press model at the time.
Would make sense, with Sandstone being the XC-specific color (and my favorite one too). Press cars usually have all the special features and the most striking paintjobs.
1 - 3 of 15 Posts