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On the drive home yesterday this fell onto my feet:

clutch pedal helper spring.jpg

It appears that the end coil of the thicker spring experienced a fatigue fracture, which caused the spring to bend away from the centerline when it was compressed, that caused the plastic shaft to break, and all the pieces then fell into the footwell.

I did some reasearch when I got home and found out it's the clutch pedal helper spring. Apparently there's a newer design that uses only one progressive rate spring instead of the original dual springs.

clutch pedal helper spring new design.jpg

One member posted that his clutch didn't feel right with the new spring, and others who replaced theirs didn't make any comments about the clutch feel. Others have posted that they didn't bother to replace the helper spring and there hasn't been any issue, other than the clutch feels "sportier" - whatever that means. I didn't notice any difference in clutch feel on the drive home yesterday or the drive to work this morning, so I wonder if replacing it with the newer design would have any impact on clutch feel.

For those of you who have replaced the spring with the newer design, did the clutch feel any different? If so, what changed?
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