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Radio Lights & Outside Temp Sensor (HELP!!)

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Got a small problem here. I have the SC-816 CD/Tape/Radio. My question is this - does the row of three buttons CD CHGR TAPE and the three slide knobs for the BASS TREB FADE light up. Mine do not!! If they should then the dealer should replace it under warranty. Please advise.

Next, my outside temp seems to be picking up more engine heat than outside temp. This is on an '97 850 GLT. I cannot find the sensor, but I am assuming that it is in the front. I realized it was wrong when there was ice on the street and the temp said 46F. Any help is appreciated.

Does your emergency brake hold the car from going forward?? I damn near didn't pass inspection because of this. I took it back to the dealer to have it re-adjusted. Yes it felt tighter but still won't hold the car when the accelerator is applied lightly.

Thanks for your help in advance.

Andrew T. Watson
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I am currently working on LED retrofit bulbs for the radios and switches. I spent the afternoon today going through my 850 turbo relamping burnt bulbs (not fun at all). I have yet to crack into the radio but I expect to have a suitable upgrade/replacement LED made soon. So far, I have come up with a few green LED retrofit bulbs for the switches (heated seats, tracs, sunroof, and the others.) I will also make a few in different colors such as blue, cool white, yellow, red, and orange. I fully expect these to out last the car as they have 10+ year life spans. I estimate that each bulb will cost about $5-7 each to make with the exception of blue and white. Those I expect to be $10+ each as the LED dies are much more expensive. Any how, do you think that anyone would be interested in having these made for your cars? I am not in it for profit, but just to learn and have some fun. However the results will be professional quality, fit, function, and finish. Also, any requests to make a bulb for a particular application, I am willing to listen and help.

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