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Racing XC90, Paris/Dakar Rally

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Looking at these photos, it's evident that we will eventually see a racing (rally) version of the XC90, probably in the hands of privateers, but perhaps with direct support from Volvo/Ford.

This V70XC is, cough, cough, "highly modified", to say the least. Take a close look at those axles, and then look further down the list of images for the answer.

Mr. P

Modified by Mr. P at 9:56 PM 9-2-2004
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Re: Racing XC90, Paris/Dakar Rally (Mr. P)

I suppose they could enter something a bit more rugged in the Paris/Dakar???

blueprint of the TP21

The Volvo TP21

And then if that wouldn't do the job, well, they could just add another axle

This is the bluepring for the Volvo equivalent of our military "duce and a half"

And if another drive axle didn't do the job, well, just add more. Volvo experience with AWD vehicles is extensive, as you can see. Volvo can basically build whatever it wants to, and this is one reason I shrug my shoulders when I see them going to Japan in order to build a motor. Anyway, their history is pretty special, with many interesting special purpose vehicles.

This is the popular "Laplander" 202, one of many different Volvo products over the years that we never saw in the US. These vehicles have kind of a "Bergman" film feel to them, kind of spooky WW-III look.

The RaceCar
Frame: Volvo C303
Chassie: Volvo V70 XC, 2001
Engine: Volvo D5254 Turbo (diesel)
Maximum power: 197 hp , 400 Nm (295 lbf ft)
with 39 mm restrictor
Transmission: ZF 5-speed gearbox
Volvo C303 synchromesh transfer box
Axles: Drop gear axles with spur gear at each wheel hub - which gives almost 400 mm of ground clearance.
Special forged leaf spring from Rånäs, 300 mm movement
Bilstein 7100 Shock Absorbers, 14 "
Vacuum operated mechanical 100% differential locks
Fueltank: 303 litres safety fuel cells
Wheels: Volvo C303 7,5x16"
Tyres: BF Goodrich LT265/75 R16
Navigation system: GPS, Trippmasters, Electronic computer
Length: 4733 mm
Width: 1860 mm
Gauge: 1540 mm
Wheel-base: 2900 mm
Weight (total): 2200 kg
Maximum speed:

uhhhh ohhhhhh, I knew we would see a XC90 sneaking into this action
sooner or later!!

Actual race footage

Here's the answer to that wild rear shot that looks like there is no axle connected to the wheels.

somewhat of a custom chassis, eh?

Claes Blomquist - 52

Team manager
Well known to all those interested in Off-road racing in Sweden. A driver for Vårgårda Mekanteknik and Tatanka Motorsport. Designs and builds competition cars in his workshop in Vårgårda. He took part in the Paris Dakar 1989 together with Ivan Reedtz-Thott.
The team's service manager during the competition.

Mr. P

Modified by Mr. P at 9:49 PM 9-2-2004
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Re: Racing XC90, Paris/Dakar Rally (Mr. P)

The XC90 would make a great rally car, lightened, strengthened, given a shot of major steroids, and would probably look good too. They have a really nice package to start with.

Mr. P
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I like what they've done with it. Those Bilstein shocks are sweet. I've been wanting to put some of those under my Explorer, but at almost $700 a piece...
Re: (DocVijay)

so I wonder if we'll see a rally racing V8 XC90 anytime soon???

Mr. P
Re: Racing XC90, Paris/Dakar Rally (Mr. P)

that XC70 is only "slightly" modified.
Is there anything left besides the sheet metal?

Derek Daily is an S60R this year, so maybe we could see them branch out with a rallye car.
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Re: Racing XC90, Paris/Dakar Rally ([email protected])

ha ha, yeah, "sllightly" for sure. The sheet metal and a couple headlights, that's about all.

Mr. P
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