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R&T Comparison Test - Now Online!

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Check it out folks, the R&T comparison test of 11 cars is now online. Someone (unknown) did a really nice clear scan of it.

*Warning* - It is about 4MB, so it might take a while to load.

R&T Comparison Test Online

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Guys, I just don't like these reviews....I just keep getting the impression that these reviewers were under BMW's payroll. You can see BMW in every brief-paragraph that the guy speaks and that I just think that Volvo was never judged right as I think they perform and designed much better than the BMWs and that I have a friend who owns a 330i agrees with me. I know traction for 0-60 is a problem for the S60 but I think that's about it on the "Cons List". Another reviewer in MSN does the same, where only expensive and famous cars such as BMW, Mercedes, get the best points whereas anything else is junk. I just dislike these American critics and I prefer those European critics. These are just my thoughts and opinions.
Actually, all cars on the article are nice. I drive a S60 but want a RWD. Too bad, no IS300 or G35 MT available last April when I bought my car.
One thing that makes me happy is the fact that most comparison test these days seem to say that Volvo is pretty much only second to VAG when it comes to fit, finish, and material quality, beating all other makes including BMW, MBZ, and Saab. Kudo's!

Well, I wasn't terribly surprised by the outcome. This car test done in Canadian dollars alone would have boosted the T5 into 7th easily and a possible 6th.

To rate the T5's interior behind the cheap G35? And exterior styling? That puzzled me.

While I agree somewhat about the steering (even though once you are accustomed to the car it can be driven quickly), they were generally pleased with it, save driving it back to back with RWD cars.

I don't know whowas doing the performance testing but 0-60 of 7.1? qmile of 15.5? The auto that they tested in the last comparison did 6.6, 15.1. Something doesn't sound right there...

THey go from saying it has terrible torque steer this time to last time saying they could barely notice the car was FWD.

To be honest, I thought that since the last test the car was praised and it did not have the sport suspension, it would do better, but itis disappointing to see it finish 9th.

True, the Euros do not complain about the steering etc..of this car, they seem to be unanimous in prasing the enitre range.
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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