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R Gauge Install...(photo intensive)

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Once I realized that the R cluster (from a 2004) won't function in the T5 (2001), I wasn't going to waste a perfectly good cluster. Last night I decided that I was going to swap out the parts from the R cluster into the T5 and see what happens. From what I know, the only other person to do this was S60Evolve from Sweden. This install is not complete but the majority of the work is done. I still need to change out the LED's from the yellowish colored ones to brighter white ones, or possible blue. I have not decided yet. On to the pics and descriptions!

1) A side by side comparison of the clusters.

2) The outer bezel and plastic cover are all held by clips around the cluster. Just use a screwdriver to carefully pry them loose.

3) Once the shrouds are removed, this is what the clusters look like inside. Still look pretty much the same.

4) In order to remove the gauge faces, the needles need to be taken off. Be careful with this step as the guage face itself can be scratched by whatever tool you use. I chose a fork.

5) With the needles off, 2 screws hold the face of the gauge on. When removed, the faces can be removed from the cluster.

6) When the front of the face is removed this is the piece behind it (T5 shown). The center part that looks like an orange square is wrapped in extremely thin copper wire.

7) These are the R gauge faces installed in the T5 cluster.

8) This part of the R shroud needs to be cut away before clipping it back into the T5 cluster. I broke a clip trying to get it to fit before I realized that this piece was keeping the two from fitting together flushly.
On the R cluster, this just acts as a channel for the upper lighting wires.

9) With the shroud installed.

10) With the plastic shield installed.

11) The lights on top of the cluster. I have yet to figure out how to power these, which is where I need someones help that is good with wiring.

12) This is the connector that comes off of the lights. I am assuming it just needs a 12 V power source but I am unsure of what I need to do to ground it or if any relays will be needed.

13) This is when I first reinstalled the cluster and tested the lights. Everything works, but the lights are more of a yellowish than white. Due to the nature of the bulbs, there is a HUGE bright spot in the cluster and I am unsure of how to remedy that without major work. I think once I get the front illumination working it will not show as bad as it is right now. S60Evolve had the same issue, except he used blue LED's instead of white. I am unsure of which ones I will try.

14) The needles need to be adjusted. WHen I was driving they weren't reading quite right, so I think I may have pushed them down a little too far. I will check it out when I take it apart again this weekend.

15) Quick day shot I just took while at work...kind of dark but they look nice.

16) Just a quick shot while I was out there of the aluminum mesh door blades that I put in last week.

So this is where I stand right now. I am going to order some bulbs today to replace the stock lighting. I need help with the wiring of the top lights if anyone has any experience with wiring and can help me out, I would be very grateful. So comment/criticize/flame away. Thanks for checking this out! http://********************/smile/emthup.gif


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Re: R Gauge Install...(photo intensive) (S60Driven)

Actually, there was this guy in Finland who pimped out his T5 when the R came out. He changed the bumper covers etc, and swapped the instrument cluster. He had a website, and there was a discussion either here or at vvspy, don't remember anymore.
Re: (soledoc)

Now that you mention it, that Finnish dude had this same interior. I found the car on the internets:



See the turbo pressure in the trip computer display.

My Finnish is a bit rusty but the car's for sale.
Re: (S60Driven)

he says it's DTP indicator (digital turbo pressure), which does not tell much, and I did not find anything with quick googling. Finding his original website would help, I recall he detailed everything he did.

Edit: Okay, now I remember, he has a custom tune and the DTP was programmed by the tuner. He's got a lot of goodies, turbo, injectors, aquamist, DP... The car goes 5 something 0-100kph.

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Re: (volvere)

So from your website I can see that you have actually been able to install the powerflex end bushes in a T5. I thought that they only fit the AWD models, since there was no way they could go inside the aluminum end links of my T5. I had to cut them to fit. In pictures the AWD parts seem to have more space between the bolt and the hole. Well, maybe that part has been changed in later model years.
Re: R Gauge Install...(photo intensive) (S60Driven)

Thanks S60Driven for your write-up: I scored a used R instrument cluster and installed the dials and needles with your tips in two hours. Much easier when you know what you're doing! The speedometer needle needs a rest-pin, otherwise all is fully functional. http://********************/smile/emthup.gif http://********************/smile/emthup.gif http://********************/smile/emthup.gif

(Okay, so I did not buy that R I was planning. I decided to wait for the new V70 and tool around with the good ol' T5 meanwhile.)
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Re: (855turbo95)

The cluster can't be swapped because it's one of those stupid CAN bus computers (DIM) that just don't like to be swapped. The R-cluster is different enough that it can't even be programmed to work with the '01-'04 non-R models. If you just swap the cluster it just wont show any signs of life.
Re: (ss60)

Quote, originally posted by ss60 »

But you can swap the dials and needles onto your existing cluster, and it looks the same cosmetically (which is what is described in my previous post and by the OP)

Right... Which I also mentioned having done a few posts above in this thread...
Re: (855turbo95)

I wired it up like shown in this thread. You gotta have the front light with these faces.
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