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Front bumper lip for x70 - 2 available - $190 + shipping
These are the last leftovers of the GB from Wendell. Don't plan on
anymore going for sale, they are flat black. Here are pics on a car:

(Brand New) PIAA high performance automotive horn upgrade/replacement with a compact, lightweight design to fit your vehicles. High performance auto horn rated at 400Hz, 500Hz, or 600Hz horn sound with 115db. The PIAA sports horn can be easily installed in your ride within minutes. The universal auto car horn replacement has an all-weather shield guard to protect it from water, snow, dust, and dirt entering the horn. The PIAA Sports Horn comes complete with one (1) 500Hz horn and one (1) 600Hz horn and installation instructions. No wiring harness is required. The horn can be installed in any car, truck, or SUV.

The PIAA car and truck sports horn replacement features:

* A sound that will get everyone's attention around you
* 500Hz to 600Hz powerful horn
* A powerful 115db dual tone
* A weather-resistant cover
* Easy installation
* Super lightweight

$40+shipping for the horns

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I was wondering about the horns, but I've seen them for about 35 + shipping....

Even amazon has them for 45 with free shipping..

Are you firm on that price?

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Re: (SDSUpaintballplayer)

I wasn't paying much attention when the GB happened. What is the construction of the lip and how are they holding up for those that bought them. I know mine will take alot of scraping to the bottom so I need to make sure I can maintain it and not have to take it off and chuck it after 6 months. I'm going to prolly leave it black so paint really isn't the issue.


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