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R-bumper, high speed stability

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I'm wondering if anyone has suggestions on increasing the highspeed stability of an 854. If you'd experienced Combat Salmon Fishing on the Kenai Penninsula, you'd understand the need (and would refrain from flames about driving too fast, lol).

What I notice on my 854t is that at speeds over say 110mph, the front feels light, as though the factory bumper/spoiler isn't creating sufficient downforce. It's not *even* fun above 130. Would an R-bumper make any difference? Are there other methods of making the car stick better? I've thought of something for under the car to clean up the air going beneath it, but just dunno. What about toe settings on the front wheels? Suggestions?

tia folks!
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Thx, I recently did purchase and install a TME bar. The roads being what they are here (read: snow/ice) I haven't been able to notice any differences yet, but I'm sure this will help. The sensation I feel when traveling at triple digit speeds is one of floatiness, if that's not too vague.

Well, that's why I asked the question. The car basically felt "floaty" at those high speeds, which I don't drive but on rare occasions. When I had a MkI GTI (gawd I miss that little rocket), it would generate some good front-end lift and feel unstable above 100 (no, it didn't go much faster...) but when I put a more agressive Kamei air dam on the car it settled down substantially. It settled down even more w/ a skid plate and some cleaning of the air underneath, like around the fuel tank/spare tire well. I was running Konis, Neuspeed springs and bars on that car. Granted, they're really different cars, esp aerodynamically, but I wasn't sure if folks noticed a difference w/ a different front bumper.

I would agree, conceptually, shocks/springs would settle the front down, but I'd rather go w/ something that didn't harshen the ride such as springs. I am thinking of installing some Bilsteins this summer though, as well as ipd bars as soon as they're available again.



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