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Quick Q re: headlights

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Just had my first headlight burnout on my '04 V70, and wanted to use the opportunity to install some Silverstars or something similar. From what I've read in other posts, changing these bulbs myself can be a bit of a trick, and so was wondering if my local dealer will install the new bulbs even though they are not factory?

Just wondering. Thanks in advance -
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Re: Quick Q re: headlights (volvoinva)

I have an 01 so I am not sure if the bulb replacement is the same but it really isn't that difficult. As far as the Silverstars go, save your money. I had my first burn out at or bout 55K, I bought this used so I don't know if they were changed before or not. So I installed the Silverstars. About 10K later I had a bulb burn out. So I replaced both and saved the one good bulb. Again about 10K later another burned bulb, so I used my spare this time. About 5K later it burns another. I was asking the manager at the local Advance Auto about the problems I was having. He said the Silverstars burn hotter and therefore tend to fail sooner than the standard type bulb. I opted for the standard bulb and see no real difference in illumination. My opinion, by a standard bulb and install yourself. The owners manual has a pretty detailed instructions for this. Good Luck
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