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Quick Q re: headlights

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Just had my first headlight burnout on my '04 V70, and wanted to use the opportunity to install some Silverstars or something similar. From what I've read in other posts, changing these bulbs myself can be a bit of a trick, and so was wondering if my local dealer will install the new bulbs even though they are not factory?

Just wondering. Thanks in advance -
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Re: Quick Q re: headlights (volvoinva)

Sure they'll fit them.
But they'll charge you for the privilege.
Not sure if your bulbs are covered by your warranty in which case you might be able to sweet talk them into doing it free. But I wouldn't count on it.
You can certainly do it yourself, the hardest part is getting the plug off the bulb connectors. they are really tight and there's not much room behind the headlight unit.
I found the easiest way to get the bulbs out was after removing the dust cover to remove completely the spring circlip that holds the bulb in place.
The spring circlip normally clips in place (you will need strong fingers to unclip it) and has 2 prongs that act as a hinge which can then be unhooked fro the back of the headlamp unit.
Then you can remove the bulb and wire connector as a unit, this makes it easier to remove the connector as there'll be more room away from the car.
Rehook the spring circlip, locate the new bulbs, fasten the circlip, push on the connector and replace the dust cap. Job done!
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Re: Quick Q re: headlights (hewinutah)

Quote, originally posted by hewinutah »
As far as Silverstars go, they seem to be more show then go.

Check out this site as they compared stock buls to silverstars to HIR bulbs


Don't know if the HIR's are available for Volvo's What is the light number? 9004, 9002, etc

Modified by hewinutah at 1:17 PM 5-11-2006

The Silverstars available Stateside are different to the ones in Europe.
The US ones have a blue coating to make them look whiter or bluer.
The European Silverstars are clear glass and have a Xenon gas blend which is 50% brighter than regular halogens. Similar to Philips Vision Plus.
Without going for aftermarket HIDs or over-wattage bulbs these are the best replacements we can use.
However, reading up on HIRs has been interesting and they certainly seem to be worth investigating. Anyone know the lifespan of these? They only make them in HB4 and HB3 fittings at the moment, so that means we Volvo drivers can only upgrade our high beams.
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