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I just got back from taking OSD on my MY07 s40, and I have a question regarding the security system I never got around to asking the Volvo people.

I saw mention in the manual of disabling the additional optional alarm features; interior motion sensor and tilt sensor. The manual picture has a button and a blank spot in the overhead console for this feature. My car doesn't have these buttons or blank spots...but it does have a tiny slit that looks like it contains a green LED.

I didn't order these optional features, I've looked through MY07 s40 order literature and don't see them listed as options, and I think I recall reading somewhere about these options becoming standard in the alarm system itself.

Can anyone offer insight into this? Do these optional alarm sensors still exist? If they exist how do you order them? If they exist and are standard how do I turn them off should I need to turn them off?

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