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Re: Question on Springs (BFJohnson)

Quote, originally posted by BFJohnson »
What is everyones thoughts on the ride and handling charachteristics of the heico springs? I know they lower the car 1.5", but I do not want to affect the ride quality of this car at all. Also what size tires will I need to buy with the springs installed. I still want some good sidewall on the tires but dont want any rubbing issues.

Also if anyone has any for sale let me know

First of all, WELCOME to the forum!!! Its always great to see new enthusiasts on here!

I dont personally have the Heico springs but I do have lowering springs on my 2.4i and you always have to consider that when it comes to lowering a car, you are going to sacrifice SOME comfort which is made up in the handling department! If you are not wanting to affect ride quality at all then lowering the car is not really an option.

As far as tire size, Im riding 225/40R18 and its comfortable enough for me...

Here are the tires Im riding on:

See what others say! And again, welcome!
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