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Question for all whose first mod was a C.A.I.

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Qustion for all whose first mod was a C.A.I.

I just installed my first mod after having my car for 2 years. It was Eurosport's C.A.I., and I love it. Biggest differences are sound and low-mid throttle response. My question is this...

Do the R cars have some sort of diverter valve or something, or am I leaking boost?.... I have always been able to hear the "squeek" whenever I gave it some gas b/t 2 and 4k and then let off without depressing the clutch, but now with the increased air density and volume, it sounds a lot like a diverter valve, even it the really low revs. I am unaware of any blow-off or diverter valve or similar system in the car, so I just want to make sure that my seals aren't leaking the excess boost, and that is what I am hearing. It sounds very cool, and I am pretty sure everything is good. Just want to make sure I am supposed to be hearing what I am hearing. Thanks all!
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Re: Qustion for all whose first mod was a C.A.I. (JOSBRO)

The KKK turbo had a built in diverter/BOV valve. It is essentially the same as a BOV but it is built in to the turbo like an integral wastegate and recirculates the pressurized air back to the turbo intake side. I don't have a picture but this is what creates the pop sound that many R owners report. I imagine that the CAI amplifies the sound making it more noticable.
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