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mismatched parts from factory?

Hey everyone. I got some questions about my car and i was wondering if perhaps anyone here knows more than i do about it. I have asked some of my friends as well and they seem kinda dumbfounded too. Here's the quick history of my car....I have not done any modifications to this car, it is 100% stock/factory/dealership maintained (for now) haha.

My grandmother ordered it brand new in 1995. Its white, automatic, with a "R" front bumper, rocker panels (with the groove, not smooth), plastic sill liners that have "Volvo" printed on them, a NA engine, a traction control switch with "on off" function with an LED light (its not spring loaded), ash grey leather interior, heated front and rear seats, a rear spoiler, sunroof, premium stereo, and only a power drivers seat....

And no, its not a rebuilt, and it has never been in an accident.

Now my grandmother was a really picky woman, but i for the life of me cannot figure out where this car came from in terms of features and whatnot.

Does anyone have any idea, or have you seen another car like this?

Ill upload pictures when i can, its raining here today, so ill get on that once the weather breaks. Thanks everyone!

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