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Question about City MPG on S80 2.5T

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I have a 2005 Volvo S80 2.5T. I am wondering why I am getting 17.4 mpg in the city when i should get 21mpg. Our XC90 gets 19.4 in the city. Is there a problem with the car?? Other than that, I absolutely love the car!
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Re: Question about City MPG on S80 2.5T (volvo4life92)

W/ my 03 S80, 2.9, I get 23-4 round town and up to 29 on the highway. Must be a problem.
It goes without saying that city MPG will depend on each driver and driving cycle and may vary greatly from the EPA estimate. One should first examine one's highway MPG as conditions on a long highway cruise at a steady speed are generally more stable than city driving.

Remember that city driving usually involves lots of idling. Idling equals zero (0) MPG and this must be factored into the MPG calculation whether one works it out by hand or by simply spying the instrument cluster's average MPG display which does this automagically.

So, in essence, lots of idling will show up as less than spectacular city MPG.
Re: (Dextrobrick)

The S80 is almost always driven around the city. Mom has a lead foot, so that is probably why it gets decreased mileage. Whenever I drive, i usually get 19-20 city and 31 highway.
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