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Quarter mile times

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I am interested in hearing some others quarter mile times.
I ran mine last night for the first time and the first few time had either too much wheel spin or would bog of the line.
After I got the hang of the launch, the engine, intercooler had soaked up a lot of heat and I was not boosting fully. 1.0 bar max instead of 1.25 bar. So my best time with 1 bar boost was 14.8 @ 95 mph. With 1.25 bar in 3rd and 4th I'm hoping to get low 14's @ 100mph I'll post the next results.

Rich S.

Stephenson Motorsports

97 BSR S3 850R
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Have very poor 60ft times, traction is a big problem, street tires (PZERO's) on a slick launch pad, I will not go back until I get some slicks mounted on steel wheels. For a joke I put the TRACS on almost did not make it 60ft. The track is used all day by the Pro Stock cars and they lay alot of rubber down. My times on the street are a bit faster. I like to go to see if the $$$$.$$ spent on mods are working. The launch is everything! I was still very happy with the nights at the track, Volvo got alot more respect after some smoke shows and wins!
A tip for the automatic trans, do the run in D3, I found the shift to 4th kills the top end!
Hey 1fastbox thanks.

I will try the run in 3rd next time. I still have to get the launch right too. It's time to show people that not all Volvo's are slow!

Rich S
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