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I am trying to compile as much factory ride height data as possible, and I wonder if there is anyone with stock suspension PV's that can offer me some of their measurements.. I have the front end kits all done, and set up, but I would like to get my car at the factory ride height for pictures.. I have a couple of them, but they appear to have sagging springs in various locations, and I normally like more data than just a couple of cars..

So, if you have a PV with factory wheels and tires, would it be possible for a bit of measuring tape work.. I am looking at 8 spots. Each center wheel well lip to ground, and each Rocker Jack bracket to ground. With the Rocker jack bracket, and I am looking for the rocker panel surface in front of it, rather than the extended tab the jack makes contact with..

Any information would be extremely helpful.. Thanks.

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Ok, I guess I'll be the first to play.
This is from my '60 converted to a B18. I replaced the springs about 6-7 years ago with OEM spec. springs. Tires at 30-32psi all around. Spare and jack in the trunk. Full tank of gas. I've had all the fenders off at one point or another. So, wheel well measurement might not be the greatest indicator. All Measurements are in inches.

Driver side:
Fr Wheel Well------25.750
Fr Jack Pt------------9.125
Rear Jack Pt.--------9.875
Rear Wheel Well---24.875

Passenger side:
Fr Wheel Well------25.375
Fr Jack Pt.-----------8.750
Rear Jack Pt.--------9.250
Rear Wheel Well---24.375

Seems like I'm listing to the right.
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