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Re: pv544 brakes (johnbear)

Here are some look-ats...



(from http://www.cvi-automotive.se/subpages/prodprof.htm

1994 Initial steps taken with Wagner Lockheed in the USA in order to re-tool for manufacture of the brake master cylinder (663468) for B18-engined PV 544 and P210 with remote brake fluid reservoirs (which are now also factory-sourced (663418)). The first batch of 275 master cylinders arrived in May 1995. To date we have sold approx. 1700 pcs. Repair kits (both proper genuine & a non-genuine equivalent though with piston) for these master cylinders are also available (276492 and 276492-1).

...and 92 posts on 544 fixes...


I go look for conversion info...

George Dill
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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