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If you are looking for Volvos and live in the Houston, TX area, I highly recommend Bayway Volvo. They employ high-quality people who do the right thing and actually care about customer satisfaction.

In 2016, we moved back to Houston from Australia and needed to buy new cars. We decided on Volvos and went to the Volvo dealership closest to our home. It was the worst experience we have ever encountered when looking for cars. We walk in, tell a sales guy we are looking to buy 2 cars, he says great, I can help you. Let me finish something up and we will get started. He then disappears. After 20 minutes of waiting, we approach another salesman and ask for help. He asks if someone else was already helping us and we tell him that we spoke briefly to Salesman A, but that he disappeared. Salesman B tells us Salesman A is out on a test drive with someone else and we needed to wait. Another 20 minutes go by, still no sign of Salesman A. We are extremely annoyed at this point and go up to Salesman C and ask for help. Salesman C asks if we had spoken to anyone, we reply yes, but only to say we wanted to buy 2 cars and then he disappeared. Salesman C appeared to be very put out that we approached him and told us that because we already spoke to Salesman A, that only Salesman A would get the credit if we bought cars. He clearly did not want to waste his time by helping us!

We left and went to Bayway. It was a completely different experience. We were fortunate to walk in and meet Patrick. He was such a delight to work with and made the whole process so quick and easy. My husband bought an S60 and I bought an XC90. A year later, a friend asked if I liked my Volvo. I told her I loved it and to go see Patrick at Bayway. She ended up buying a Volvo and thanked me for directing her to Bayway and Patrick as it was such a good experience.

Fast forward to 2019. Two years ago I started taking my car to another dealer for service because it was so much closer than Bayway. Things started going majorly wrong with my car, I had to keep bringing it in for engine lights, low oil lights, etc. My car had the dreaded excessive oil consumption issue and spent 3 months at the dealer.

My car has spent 118 out of the past 145 days being serviced at the dealership; that is 80% of the time. Last time I had my car back from the dealership for 4 days and the engine light went on. It only has 33,000 miles on it. Clearly my car is a liability now. The service advisor and service manager suggested I call Volvo Client Relations. It was clear to me that this dealership was not going to help me in any way.

Yesterday, I emailed Patrick and the GM of Bayway and asked for their help. Even though I had taken my car to another dealership for service for the past 2 years, I heard back from both of them within an hour. I couldn't believe how responsive they were! The GM emailed me his personal mobile number and asked me to call him. When I called him today, he apologized for all the issues I've had with my car and said he wanted to make sure his customers were happy. He also informed me that he had already spoken to Volvo and they were going to do a trade assist! All this happened in less than 24 hours.

Never before have I written positively or negatively about a company on google, yelp, or any other platform, but I am so impressed with the GM of Bayway I wanted to let potential Volvo buyers know there is a dealership that operates with honesty and integrity and will stand by their customers

Not many people step up and do the right thing these days; not many businesses value customer service and satisfaction; and not many brands truly stand behind their product.
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